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Summer Camps for teens who stammer.

For July/August 2012, we're hoping to arrange a summer camp for teenagers who stammer. It'll be an activity week, with sports and entertainment interspersed with work on speech. If you're interested, we'd really like to hear from you.


Welcome to ISLA - Edinburgh's Independent Speech and Language Therapy & Hearing Services.

ISLA's Edinburgh Speech and Hearing Centre brings you the best quality in assessment, advice and treatment for speech, language and hearing impairments in children and adults.

Our clinical team contains highly qualified Speech and Language Therapists and Audiologists, in a superb blend of experience, knowledge and creativity, with expertise covering a broad range of communication difficulties and with specialist skills in key areas.

With our expertise in communication skills, we also provide training in speech, language and hearing issues, as well as in general communication skills for professionals and for parents and families.

Our aim is to provide a service carefully tailored to the needs of the individual, making use of the best possible clinical practice and the highest levels of research evidence.

Whether we're helping your child with dyslexia or a stammer or helping you to get used to living with your new hearing aid, we're dedicated to bringing you the best in treatment and to bringing out the best in you.

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Comic Relief begins with offensive attempt at humour. See NEWS page.

The British Stammering Association, Scotland held an Open Day in Edinburgh on Saturday March 19: Follow this link for more details


British Stammering Association